Valentine’s Day Plans

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Grab the flowers, buy your chocolates, because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Some of you already have plans, others are hoping to avoid the day entirely. But never fear, for I have five plans to make your Valentine’s Day a great one!

Treat Yourself: Buy those shoes you’ve been wanting, and get that cute outfit. Guys, buy that video game you’ve been dreaming of lately.

Veg Out: Put on your favorite pair of sweatpants and just full-on indulge yourself with all kinds of treats. In fact, just go ahead and buy yourself a box of chocolates; who cares!

Go Out With Some Friends: Yes we get it, you don’t have a bae. But you do have friends, and let’s be real, they probably will be there for a lot longer. Go get some dinner, see a movie, or just chill at someone’s house.

Devote Some Time to a Neglected Hobby: Do you remember that phase of yours? That one where you spent hours at a time doing that one thing. Rollerskating? Bowling? The “cut the rope” game? Flappybird? Why not do that again today? It may be a nice reminder of who you used to be and who you are now, or even just a tad bit refreshing from today’s society.

Binge Watch Your Favorite T.V Show: If you’re someone who never quite has time to just sit back and chill then take advantage of Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re the kind of person who almost has too much time on their hands and already spends their time watching a ton of Netflix. If so, then why not try out a new show? Or have a throwback to your first T.V show you binge-watched all weekend?

Take A Parent Out: Why not show your parents some love? Take your mom, dad, or other family out to dinner. It’s a nice gesture and it shows you appreciation them!



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