Eagles Are Swimming To Victory

Courtesy of yelp.com

Courtesy of yelp.com

Oxygen is overrated, for the East Forsyth swim team anyway who are back in season. The Eagles so this season are 1-2, but have a few more meets to show that they are worthy to be on top of their conference.

Swimming is scored on two different teams, one for boys and one for girls. Each individual participates in an event or multiple events in hopes to earn points for their team. At the end of the meet, the points are totaled by how many points are scored by each individual to represent their team, and the team with the most points wins.

Swimmers are very excited for this season. Mackenzie Smoak (’18) said, “I really look forward to work hard throughout the season and to meet new people.” Natalie Wall (’16) said, “I look forward to making new friends and improving my times from last year.” about the team bond, “It’s my favorite thing about the team.”

Goals and personal records are also a priority for a lot of the swim team. Smoak comments, “I plan on trying to break a minute in my 100m free and I’m trying to break the school record on the 100m free as well.” Joey Morphonios (’16) also has big goals saying, “I would like to become more well rounded in all four strokes (freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke, and butterfly). I also want to swim the 500m freestyle fast enough to qualify for the regional swim competition.”

For swimming, it can be difficult to to train. Morphonios, who is also a cross country runner, says, “I push my body to be the best athlete I can be, for swimming I have to focus a lot more on technique and strength training, whereas cross country season I have to work on endurance.”

The Eagles only have a couple more meets left. Sadly, none of those are here at the local Kernersville YMCA. Wherever they are, you should come cheer on your Eagles at one of their swim meets.

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