College Anticipation


All the worry has finally come to a halt…the letter is here! “I was really excited and felt accomplished,” Caleb Kirk (’16) said, commenting on the feeling of knowing you’re accepted to the college of your dreams. “Just the waiting itself was very exhausting.” I think that can speak for everyone awaiting on college acceptance. It can be the most agonizing feeling of your life, just to see where your life will start!

“I did get the school I wanted; I love UNCG. It’s a very diverse school with a great campus and I like the dorms. I also aspire to start a swing dance club there!” stated Kirk. When announcing the news to his family he said, “They were very proud and excited as well.”

College is where you make great memories that will last a lifetime, and it’s really where you begin living. All the responsibilities and ownership that comes with adult life start here. So waiting on acceptance can be the most difficult time ever and requires lots of patience, but in the end can all be worth it.

An alumni eagle Drew Cone (’15) tells us about his college experience at Sandhill’s CC in Pinehurst. “It [feels] great! This placed is like home and am glad I got in.” Cone most looks forward to basketball season. “We travel a lot so just hanging with the team and meeting new people…All the hard work, both on and off the court really paid off. I just give God all the credit because without him, none of this would’ve been possible.” Sounds like college has been a great experience for Cone and acceptance to his college was thrilling.

Tim Ford, a senior waiting on college acceptance stated, “Waiting on acceptance letters is extremely stressful. You want to make plans as if you’re going to the school that’s your first choice, but on the other hand, you haven’t been accepted and you don’t want to get your hopes up. Everything will get easier once I know which college I’m going to because I’ll then have a better idea as to what the future holds for me.”

These are three perspectives on college acceptance and the aftermath of all the agonizing waiting. Just hold on and look forward for your future!

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