Voice Of The Eagle: Smoking

Students at East and across the country have started to question the rule about no smoking on campus. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. and causes many illnesses, from cancer to lung disease. One in five people smoke and nine out of ten smokers start before the age of eighteen. Currently, eighteen percent of high schoolers in the U.S. smoke. People have varying opinions on this topic, but most agree that minors should not be allowed to smoke in general because of how harmful it is. But what about the students that are eighteen years old, or parents and adults that are visiting campus? These people are legally allowed to smoke, so why can’t they? Should they be allowed to smoke on campus?

Sophie Echols (’18)

“No, because they can give [cigarettes] to other students that are under the age of eighteen and if other students see it, they might think it’s okay, and it’s not. Second-hand smoke can be dangerous to people and if students see smoking often, they’ll start to normalize it.”



Sierra Beach (’17)

“Yes, if they are old enough, like eighteen, but other than that, no. Adults that are visiting should also be allowed to. They should be old enough to know what they are doing. It probably isn’t allowed because it will hurt other people.”



Abel Cano (’18)

“No, because this is a drug free school. For visiting campus? Still no because you are setting a bad example for students who are seeing these parents and other students smoking.”



Caroline Montgomery (’18)

“Eighteen year olds should not be allowed to smoke on campus simply because it is not a good example for others and smoking obviously comes with many health risks. If you could easily protect yourself from such bodily harm and potential impairments, why wouldn’t you? Smoking can come with many serious health risks, such as lung cancer. As for adults visiting the East campus, I think they should try to refrain from smoking because, as a grown up, they are still role models to some people.”

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