The Struggle Of Balancing A Job With School



Everyone knows keeping your grades on point can be hard, but how do you do it while having a job? Having a job while in school teaches a student responsibility and self-discipline.

Having a job while in high school can be a huge help for you and your parents. You will start making your own money and paying for your own things, such as gas, clothes, food, and even your own car payments.

But finding a job that works with your school schedule can always be difficult. When working finding hours is a hassle but once you have them you might not have time for your homework and studying.

Normal work hours for high school students varies from 4-9 to 4-11 hours. Working those long hours right after school not only tires you out, but will also cause you to have no motivation to look over the notes for tomorrow’s test.

According to Josh Bowen (‘17), who works at Mickey’s Restaurant, “balancing school and work is not always easy, and finding time to relax is practically non-existent. However, with a bit of discipline and a lot of coffee it can be done.” Being able to handle both grades and work takes a devoted student.

One in four high school students work according to Some ways to help you manage your responsibilities can be just as easy as managing your time evenly. If you know you work that night, try to finish your homework at lunch or if you have extra time in class. Wasting time will only make it harder on yourself.

Becca Ladd (‘17) stated that she “enjoyed working with little kids at Holy Cross but it’s hard to get all the school work done and then get other things done at home.” Having a job will give you less time with family and friends.

Some other ways you can manage your schooling with working is to bring your easiest homework to work. If you know you will be having a break, use that time to finish up the simple work so all you have when you get home is the complicated work.

Working is a huge honor and privilege, but always remember to put your schooling first so you will have more work opportunities in the future.

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