New Year, New Semester

After a stressful week of midterms and finals, students at East Forsyth have started gearing up for the new semester. With the first half of the year over, students are looking forward to events, such as spring break, prom, and, eventually, summer vacation. Before we can do that, though, we have to get through the rest of our classes!

When talking about her plans for the upcoming semester, Chantel Thorns (’18) said, “I plan on getting better grades and doing better on tests.” If you haven’t been getting the grades you want, now is the time to step it up. You still have time to improve those grades before the end of the year!

Mrs. Murphy, a math teacher here at East, gives students advice for the new semester: “They should study more and not wait until the last minute for things.” Many students are guilty of not putting in the work to improve their grades. You should be studying nightly and making sure that all of your work is completed. Tutoring is offered throughout the week if you don’t understand a subject. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

The freshmen have officially survived their first semester of high school! Taylor Deeney (’19) says, “The first semester was pretty good. I plan on working harder and focusing more on homework.”

Getting new classes for the second half of the year is pretty exciting. You get to see who all are in your classes and get to know your new teachers. Deeney says, “I’m looking forward to math with Mr. Stansell.”

It is during this second half of the year that most students stop doing their work and don’t try. It’s close to the end of the year and students are feeling the draw of summer vacation and freedom. Not to mention the fact that seniors are experiencing “senioritis” and are not trying nearly as hard as they could.

In order to keep your grades up during this final stretch of the 2015-16 school year, you should make plans in order to reach your goal and work hard to get where you want to be!

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