Club Spotlight: HOSA

Courtesy of Ashleigh Cooley

Courtesy of Ashleigh Cooley

Are you interested in joining the medical field? Do you want to be a leader? East Forsyth High School has the club for you: HOSA! HOSA is a club that was started back in 1976, according to, and is a national student organization.

HOSA, which stands for Health Occupation Students for America, meets in the morning on Wednesdays and takes part in a lot of events. “We do a service project at the Salvation Army for kids during Christmas, we also participate in district and state level competitions,” said Mrs. Howell, who teaches Health Science one and two.

Many members of HOSA really enjoy participating in all activities. Historian, Ashleigh Cooley (’16), said, “I like the projects we do; like in February we did candy grams, we do the blood drives too, and I love the competitions.”

HOSA takes part in lots of things, as Cooley and Howell mentioned, but the competitions they enter are a huge part of the club not just for East Forsyth, but nationwide. They take part in different events such as CPR/ First-Aid, Medical Terminology, and creating things, such as displays and community awareness projects. Bre Lamos (’16) is especially excited about the competitions, she said they participated in the “district competition and we’re going to state in March!”

Anyone can join! Cooley said, “I joined last year, and the reason I joined is because I want a job in the healthcare field and I enjoyed Health Science one and two.” Even if you’re not quite sure if you want to find a career in the medical field, the club offers great roles to become a potential leader, like becoming an officer.

So even if you’re not 100% into medicine, HOSA is still a possibility! Despite all the medical related events they do, such as competitions and the blood drive, they also do things such as the Salvation Army project! So talk to some members and see if it gets you interested in joining the club!

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