The End Of The Hunger Games

From the first sentence: “When I wake the other side of the bed is cold,” to the very last sentence: “But there are far worse games to play,” The Hunger Games trilogy has captivated millions of fans around the globe.

The books were so well received that the story was almost immediately noticed by movie producers and made into a movie portrayal of the best selling books. The past three movies have been widely popular and the last movie is sure to be bitter sweet to all fans of the heartbreaking and thrilling trilogy.

The end will shock us all. The end will be bitter sweet. This is more than just the end of a movie series to the fans. It’s the end of a stage of life. It’s the end of a fandom. It’s the end of an amazing story. However it will become a classic, a story never forgotten, a story to show our grandchildren, a story that will live on.

Mockingjay Part I ended with Katniss looking onto tortured Peeta. He now believes Katniss is a threat due to tracker jacker venom injected into him by the Capital.

The new movie, Mockingjay Part II picks up with Peeta battling the effects of the torture, while Katniss, Gale, and Finnick battle against the Capital.

Students are looking forward to the movie adaptation of the epilogue. However students are dreading the adaptation of the sorrowful death of a beloved character.

According to the idea of a prequel movie that expands beyond the original Hunger Games series is being explored as an idea to keep the fan base alive. This new option has gotten some fans extremely excited. Other fans though, don’t want the movies to stray away from the amazing writing of Suzanne Collins.

Mockingjay Part II arrives in theater on November 20th and is sure to be sold out in theaters across the globe, filled with dye hard fans excited to see the final movie, but heartbroken to see a favorite work of literature reach it’s end.

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