November Madness In College Football


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November is here, which means college football season is reaching towards the end of the season. Some predictions on who will be the champion this year have been either spot-on, but others have been completely off-track. Teams traditionally up in the top of the rankings are Ohio State Alabama, LSU, and even Notre Dame. There are also some more recent teams that have been getting recognition as well such as, Baylor, Clemson and TCU.

The championship this year is the same style as it was last year. Four teams, who are picked by experts to be the most deserving to win the FBS title battle it out in a single elimination bracket. Ohio State seems to be the team that experts can’t keep out of their mouths, as this team has received the majority of votes from the AP Top 25 Poll and the Coaches Poll so far.

Katie Bryson (’18) shared what she thought about the new FBS title playoffs. “I like it because instead of two deserving teams, you have four. But I dislike it because experts can extremely biased when they vote for these teams.” Coach Holmes, a world history teacher said, “I like it because it’s a fair champion decided on the field and not in a specific bowl game where that champion is decided.”

Grayson Crisp (’17) spoke about whether there were any sleepers this year (teams you wouldn’t think would be at the top of the competition). He said, “Yes, Temple and Memphis are huge sleepers. UCLA and Baylor are really big this year, you would never think they would be up on the rankings this far.”

Coach Holmes shared the four teams he thought would be picked for the championship bracket. “Ohio State, Clemson, Baylor and Utah, with Utah coming out on top.” (Surprisingly he didn’t say Virginia Tech!)

Whatever the rest of this season holds, there are sure to surprises, whether it be a non-traditional team winning the championship, or the upset of a top-ranked team getting their opportunities diminished in the regular season.

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