Eagles Committed To Collegiate Play

imageMost high school athletes aspire to play at the collegiate level once they graduate. Many players try to send emails, call, and even go play in front of college coaches to get themselves recognized. Many athletes from East Forsyth have already committed, and will be playing at the elite college level. Getting noticed by colleges can be a difficult endeavor, and if you are being watched by college teams, remember to choose your future school not solely on athletics. Academics, location, cost, and career programming are all other major factors to consider when making your commitment choice!

The recruitment process is a long and stressful one, but can be very rewarding in the end. Allie Reagan (’15) is a women’s soccer commit, going to High Point University. “The hardest part about the recruitment process is the stress of having to find the right college for yourself at such a young age!”

Megan Walsh (’15) also committed for soccer, is going to Concord University. “The hardest part of the whole process was having to understand that while going to play soccer in college was going to be fun, I had to make sure that the school I chose had the right major that I wanted and making sure that the school would be a good fit for me as well.”

Even though the recruitment process can be really stressful, it also has its perks. Many student athletes get really excited, and look forward to playing as well as going to college.

Reagan said, “I’m most excited to go play at the next level in college. I am also really excited because I get to receive a whole bunch of new soccer gear!”

Debbie Killian (’15) is a commit to Catawba University. “The most exciting thing about moving on to the next level and playing in college is that I get to go play against new opponents and every single day is going to be a new challenge for me.”

Good luck to all college commits, and we hope so see many more Eagle’s soar onto the next level as they further their athletic career.


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