A Royal Victory!

Courtesy of ESPN.com

Courtesy of ESPN.com

The Kansas City Royals have won the World Series! They defeated the New York Mets in five games, winning four games to one. With hard work and dedication they made it back to the World Series from last year and took home the trophy this time. It was the team’s first championship since 1985 ending a thirty year championship drought. Royal’s catcher, Salvador Perez, was unanimously named World Series MVP (ESPN.com).

This year’s Royals team had a fight in them that is very rare. They were down in many of the games this postseason, but found a way to come back and win. In seven games in the postseason this year the Royals had the following percent chances of winning; 18%,1%,25%,8%,10%,16%, and 5%, and they ended up winning all seven of those games. According to ESPN, the Royals scored 51 of their 90 runs in the seventh inning or later, creating a new postseason record. Some of the major headlines of the World Series included Royal’s pitcher Edinson Volquez pitching through game one after learning that his father had passed away, Mets relief pitcher Jeurys Familia, blowing a WS record three saves, and Met’s manager Terry Collins leaving in pitcher Matt Harvey in for the ninth inning of game five, which led to a loss.

Before the World Series began, Tanner Smith (’18) made the prediction that the New York Mets would win in five games. Little did he know it would be the complete opposite. He also commented, “I am pulling for the Royals because our assistant baseball coach is a Mets fan, and we like to antagonize him. I enjoy the World Series because it is interesting to see two successful teams battle it out after a long season, and anything can happen. My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves, and I am a little bit disappointed they didn’t make the postseason this year.”

The Royals came back to Kansas City to celebrate with the city on November 3rd. They had an outstanding turnout of an estimated 500,000 plus people gathered downtown. It even caused people to abandon their cars on the highway to attend (CBS Sports). It is safe to say that the Royals can’t wait to see what their future holds for the 2016 season.

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