‘Tis The Season(s)

It’s that time of year again where it’s just a whirlwind of festive activities. Blink and you might just miss all the fun! There are so many holiday traditions and expectations, that sometimes people don’t actually realize all that goes on around them. The Talon visited around campus asking students their favorite holidays and their favorite ways to celebrate.

One of the favorite holidays that were mentioned over and over again was Christmas. People seem to fall in love with the spirit of it, from the presents to the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree. Kathryn Paulson (’18) said, “Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I love being around my family. We will all get together and bake sugar cookies and see the lights at Tanglewood.”

Another favorite holiday around this time is Thanksgiving. A time where most students will sit around with family, while enjoying probably one of the biggest meals that they will eat that year. Vince Vetrano (’16) comments that even though Thanksgiving is great because of the family time, the food is the best part to him.

New Year’s Eve seemed to also cross people’s mind a lot when thinking about the holidays around this season. McLaren Brieaddy (’18) states that New Year’s Eve is one of her favorite holidays because she is able to go and hang out with friends from different schools that she normally doesn’t get to see.

Whether it’s the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas lights, or the thrill of a new year, East Eagles seems to be buzzing with excitement for all the upcoming holidays!

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