35th Turkey Trot At Pinehurst


Come out and burn some calories to get ready for Thanksgiving weekend by participating in the 35th annual Turkey Trot! Whether you’re a runner or a golfer, the word Pinehurst will automatically make you attracted to this event. On Saturday, November 21st, FirstHealth of the Carolinas will be hosting a half marathon, a 10k, a 5k, and a one-mile fun run on the famous golf course.

The race course consists of ample shade, running through residential areas, and jogging along stretches of Pinehurst Lake. The race is open to those who are competitive, working to become more for, or just having fun with family and friends. Halfmarathons.net calls it “an unforgettable race.” They also said, “It promotes health in a fun way for everybody.” In past years, Turkey Trot has seen 1,200 runners cross the finish line, 340 of those coming for the half-marathon.

The race may seem expensive with the registration being 60 dollars, but it is for a good cause. Not only do you get merchandise such as a t-shirt and a bag, but you also donate a small amount to FirstHealth, which helps gain technology and other tools to assist those in need of medical care. Setupevents.com says, “This legacy began eight decades ago with a wish and a vision for the future of health.” FirstHealth is believed to be among the best in the nation as a philanthropy, being described as a “catalyst.”

Nick Harris (’16) said, “I would gladly take the time to take part in it, but I don’t have the money, nor do I want to go all the way to Pinehurst.” Half2run.com, a community running blog said, “The racing atmosphere for this half-marathon is good, but everything else is unorganized.”

Even with Turkey Trot a bit pricey for a half-marathon and parts of it being somewhat unorganized, FirstHealth has had great success in running this event year after year. If you show up, you’re doing yourself and the community a good deed.

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