New Assistant Principals

Our new principal, Mr. Bass, is not the only addition to our eagle family this year! We have two new assistant principals, Mr. Osborne and Mrs. Gabriel. 

Mr. Osborne looks forward to having a great new year with us at East Forsyth. Before coming to East last year, he was one of the assistant principals at North Forsyth, where our new principal also worked. So how does he feel about East Forsyth so far? “I like it, I like it very much! The students are friendly; the staff is friendly, very welcoming.” Speaking about Mr. Bass, he said, “He’s a good guy. He sincerely cares about the students and staff.”

Mrs. Gabriel, the other new assistant principal, worked as assistant principal at Philo-Hill Middle School before coming here. She says she looks forward to meeting as many members of the Eagle family as possible. “I learn so much from the variety of experiences here. I hope to make as positive an impact on you all as you have made on me.”

Mrs. Gabriel also said she wants to encourage East students to continue to build on the school’s strong reputation for excellence. “This school has a long-standing tradition of preparing students for productive lives after high school. It’s important to recognize the opportunities and take advantage of them. Set goals, take your academics seriously, get involved in extracurricular activities, support positive causes, and build healthy relationships.”

Mr. Munsie, our only assistant principal that is not new this year, joked about now being the oldest guy left at East what with all the new additions being made and all. “Oh, they’re awesome,” he said about the two new assistant principals. “They really know their way around campus.”

He also added that he really likes Mr. Bass as our new principal since he knew him back when he was a teacher here years ago. “I’ve known Mr. Bass for a long time and he’s a great guy. He will definitely continue to make East great because he’s both committed to the students and staff.”

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