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One of the most popular high school activities is watching Netflix. Now, there are two new shows airing on Netflix, Fuller House and a revival of Gilmore Girls.

Full House is a classic sitcom that was seen and loved by many people. According to, the show aired from 1987-1995 and it was a huge success. To continue the popular sitcom, Netflix is showing an original, new show in 2016 called Fuller House.

Fuller House will be the sequel to Full House. The show will star Cameron Bure as DJ, who is a widowed single mother and raises three kids. DJ will recruit help from her sister Stephanie, played by Jodie Sweetin, and her best friend Kimmy, played by Andrea Barber.

Rachel Meares (’17) said, “I want to see the new show because I use to love watching Full House when I was a kid and I’m excited for it to continue.”

Other big news coming to Netflix is the addition of four 90 minutes episodes of Gilmore Girls. The show stars Lauren Graham as Lorelai and Alexis Bledel as Rory. The plot of the show centers on the relationship between Lorelai and her daughter, Rory.

According to, some changes are expected to occur among the cast of the show. Also, the Gilmore Girl episodes are predicted to premiere around the time that Fuller House comes out. Each Gilmore Girl episode will represent the four different seasons of the year.

Paige Watts (’17) is very excited to watch the new episodes. Watts said, “I want to know if Rory got married, if she’s still just like Lorelai, how stars hollow has changed, and if Lorelai and Luke are together.”

New and exciting events are happening on Netflix and it will be interesting to see how the shows play out. Netflix continues to amaze all of its viewers, who knows what the next big thing will be.

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