NC Counties Suspend Driver’s Ed

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Across the state, counties have had to suspend driver’s education due to a lack of government funds.

While the North Carolina government was deciding on a new budget for the next two years, the funds put aside to pay for driver’s ed ran out and caused counties that depended on that money to halt all driver’s education classes.

According to, 43 out of 115 school districts had to suspend driver’s education classes over the summer. These included Wake County and Guilford County.

Guilford County relied on the government funds to pay for their driver’s ed. They allowed their students to take driver’s ed for free.

Those of us in Winston-Salem Forsyth County are not so lucky. Our county requires a $55 fee, which has actually been beneficial because it allowed Forsyth County schools to continue the driver’s ed program during the summer, while the others could not.

For a while, all counties were looking at an increase in the amount they would have to charge for driver’s ed classes. The cost can typically reach up to $250, which is a far stretch from our low price of $55.

If this had happened, many students wouldn’t be able to afford driver’s ed and the amount of student drivers would decrease significantly. Dutchess Carter (’18) said, “I think it would be unfair to some people who couldn’t afford it because $55 is enough already.”

The ABC News website claimed that the government proposed getting rid of driver’s ed altogether. This would be very dangerous, as kids with no experience and no education about driving would be allowed on the streets with you and your family. The number of automobile accidents would soar.

Just recently, the North Carolina government approved a new budget that will completely fund driver’s ed and allow it to continue for the coming years. Guilford County, along with the others, have brought back their driver’s ed programs for this school year.

Students and parents alike should be on the lookout, though, because in two years we may be in the same situation, but with a different and more life altering outcome.





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