ISIS Terror Continues To Grow


ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is a widely feared terrorist group known for their brutality against non-Muslims, Westerners, Christians, and even other Muslims who are not deemed devote or extreme enough. Their YouTube videos show the violence they are capable of, while shocking and horrifying the world.

What has struck fear in us is that they continue to grow, as does their hatred for the West. Their goal includes taking control of the world and ruling it by their beliefs, which do not include non-Muslims of any kind.

The group has recently overtaken the city of Mosul in Iraq. Information has been leaking out by people living in Mosul, but the penalty for this could mean death. ISIS is known for executing people who let information about their activities out.

According to the website, since the first of September, a total of 455 people have been executed.  Around 120 people have been whipped for minor offenses such as shaving of the beard, which is seen as un-Islamic, failing to meet dress code, and not attending prayers. “The brutality of terrorists in Syria and Iraq forces us to look into the heart of darkness,” said President Obama speaking to the United Nations. 

In one case, one man did not close his restaurant in time for prayers, so he was sentenced to a whipping. The report says: “During the execution of his whipping sentence, the man ‘blasphemed God and the Prophet,’ instantly he was sentenced to be beheaded, and immediately he was beheaded in front of a very large crowd of people at Bab Attoob. He was 63 years old at the time of his execution.”

“I do think it’s something we, the U.S and need to be paying more attention to; sometimes we’re caught up in our own little world. we forget what goes on around us,” says our psychology teacher Ms. Smith at East. “I would say though, a lot of the news on this is certainly showed to impose fear.”


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