Fallout Is Back!


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“War. War never changes.” These words are known by millions of people throughout the world because they belong to a very successful video game franchise called Fallout. Fallout is a game in which you are in a world where the entire planet becomes a desolate wasteland. You either somehow find a way to survive or you take shelter in underground vaults, which aren’t always meant to save people.

Many people believe that this game will be amazing and will live up to the hype that it’s been getting since it was announced. Devin Weidman (’18) said, “It will be a fairly good game.” Abel Cano (’18) said, “It is going to be good and well expected.”

With the launch of Fallout, we can expect a huge graphics update. Cano said, “I that that the graphics are going to be excellent.” Weidman agreed that the graphics will be excellent on the PC.

Todd Howard is the Game Director for the Fallout 4 and over the summer at the E3 reveal of the game, he was questioned about all that is Fallout 4. Howard said that the dog in the showcase of the game is in fact Dogmeat, a faithful companion from the video game Fallout 3 .

There will be many features in this game that have not been in the previous games. For example, you will be able to build your own house and and community. Along with that, there is a new perks system that will change the ways that you play the game. But there are many things that we do not know about Fallout 4. 

Many people are going to be getting this game and enjoying it for a long time. Howard said that are over 500 hours worth of content within the game and that is only what they have seen so far when playing it. Weidman said, “I probably am going to get it because of the RPG (Roll Playing Game) part of it.”

The game was released on November 10. Are you a fan? Tweet us what you love about playing Fallout!

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