Club Spotlight: A Cappella Group


We all know about the music department here at East Forsyth, right? The one that includes Orchestra, Band, Chorus, Madrigals, and Caprice…well there’s a new addition this year: an A cappella Group.

The group was started by Alita Ingle (’16). “A cappella is a group that produces music without any instruments. We rely only on our voices,” Ingle said. That’s what makes A cappella so unique; there’s no background music!

Anybody can join and you can even audition for a solo! The group meets every other Tuesday and they have big plans! “We just started this year, but we do plan on going places,” Ingle stated.

Jacob Glover (’18) said, “This group was started because some other students and I were inspired to make music outside of class.” This was what lead to the created of the talented group.

Glover also said that, “I’m really excited to start making music with these people; our first couple of rehearsals went great!” The group has plenty in store. So far, they’ve worked with a couple different chords, which allowed them to create a few mashup songs. They are practicing putting their own twists on song covers, but also hope to write music of their own.

Teresa Gonzalez (’17) says, “[I’m most excited] for our first performance at our winter concert!” Who wouldn’t be excited? The group’s next project is to work on a cover of “Mary Did You Know?” for the Christmas concert, which is coming up in December.

A very commonly known a cappella group is Pentatonix, for those who are still unsure as to what a cappella is. It takes a lot of musical talent to be in an a cappella group, but with a president like Ingle and strong vocalists as members, this new addition to the music department definitely has what it takes!

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