Appreciating The Under-Appreciated

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Everybody has his or her favorite band, favorite songs, and favorite artists. Sometimes those favorite artists and bands are underrated to the public. Some people only love a song, a band. or an artist if they hear them on the radio about a hundred times a day. But what about the songs, bands, and artists that have a different sound or are not played on the radio regularly?

Everybody has heard of the boy band One Direction, but what about the talented duo Twenty One Pilots? Twenty One Pilots is an alternative hip hop, electro pop, and indie pop duo performed by Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Melody Beadles (’16) said, “I adore Twenty One Pilots. Their music is so different and what they sing about can really get you all teary eyed. I like them so much because singing their songs is a lot of fun and I can relate to a lot of them.”

Recently Twenty One Pilots has become more popular with their Blurry Face album however they produced three albums prior to Blurry Face that were almost unheard of. Beadles said, “I think they are underrated right now because they are relatively new. Their first two albums weren’t even officially released because they weren’t signed with a record label yet. I feel like they don’t really fit into the kind of music you would hear on the radio either, so it took longer for them to get noticed.”

Jackson Oakley (’16) suggested many other underrated artists and bands including Ben Folds, The Young Giants, and Nickel Creek. Ben Folds is a rock and power pop singer who grew up right here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and actually attended Reynolds High School!

Oakley also mentioned his interest in the earlier Coldplay albums. Although Coldplay is often heard of by many people now their earlier albums like Prospekt’s March and The Blue Room were nearly unheard of but were beautifully written and performed.

Oakley said, “Those albums are what I think of as Coldplay before they were changed by what the music world wanted from them. It was them in their purest form before the world changed them.”

According to, the top ten underrated bands of all time are Gin Blossoms, Happy Mondays, The Wallflowers, Pixies, Candlebox, Cowboy Junkies, Mazzy Star, Garbage, Roxy Music, and T. Rex.

There is great music and are great musicians out there who are overlooked because their sound is different, they don’t have the right look, or they don’t appeal to the right audience. Listen to the music that speaks to you if the musician is popular or not. This article has given credit where credit is due to the under appreciated musicians. Now it’s your turn!

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