Twilight Ten-Year Anniversary Announcement

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It is hard for fans to believe that it has been ten years since the first book of the Twilight saga was published. In celebration, a new version of Twilight was released on October 6. It featured exclusive bonus content, a new redesigned cover, and a groundbreaking gender-swapped version.

Stephanie Meyer, the author of the saga, has written a 442-page novel called Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, which switches the genders of the two main characters of the series. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Bella Swan is now a boy named Beau (short for Beaufort) and the brooding Edward Cullen is now Edythe.”

Madison Eubanks (’18) has mixed emotions about the announcement. “I feel like it will be interesting, but since it is the same story-line and only the genders have switched, it will be a little bit repetitive. But I am excited to see how the story will play out.”

Meyer wanted to make sure her readers understood that Bella wasn’t a “damsel in distress” but more of a “normal human being surrounded on all sides by people who are basically superheroes and super-villians.” Meyer also wanted to touch on the criticism that Bella was “too consumed with her love interest” and explained that “Beau is more OCD than Bella was and he is totally missing the chip on his shoulder that Bella carried around all the time.”

Eubanks is hoping that her favorite characters are still in the book. Eubanks said that Carlisle was her favorite. “He is different from any other vampire and he didn’t care what others thought of him. No matter what, he always did the right thing. I think that is an important trait for a fatherly figure like him to have and I will be very disappointed if he is not in the new book.”

Ten years has gone by and fans are excited and ready to read new Twilight material. We can only hope that it lives up to the expectations of the four previous books.

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