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Applying for colleges can be a very stressful and interesting time in a person’s life. Senior year is the time to start applying. However, you need to be prepared before senior year by getting informed and by figuring out what you want. This includes talking about what you want for the future, thinking about the activities you’re involved in, and keeping up your grades. Finally, when you start applying, you need to get organized!

Ms. Keyes, a teacher and field hockey coach as East said, “Start applying to colleges early and go on visits before filling out an application to make sure you really like it. You should see what schools offer and if they fit you. Everyone has different interests, so you should chose a school that will benefit you the most for what you want to do in the future.”

Debbie Killian (’16) said “I’m committed to Catawba College,” which where she plans to play soccer and study either biology or exercise science. She says it takes a few hours to complete an application because she has to review them before she submits them.

Jacklyn Scirica (’16) said she wants to go to UNC Chapel Hill, where she wants to study neonatal nursing and play field hockey.

Another way to prepare yourself for college is to take the SAT. The more you take it, the more you get used to the type of questions, and answering questions in a certain amount of time.

Before you apply, you also need to figure out if a college is in your price range. You can even apply for academic scholarships or merit scholarships, which are scholarships based on things you’ve done or accomplished.

According to Collegeboard.org, some important things to remember are to always keep it real, beat the deadline, apply online, and emphasize your uniqueness so that you stand out to colleges. You may not know this, but it is also important to keep it clean online. In this day and age, many colleges will look at your social media to determine what kind of person you are. So remember, start applying early and be prepared!

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