No More Day Passes!


Are you a Junior or a Senior? Are you upset that East Forsyth stopped selling day passes? Well, you’re not alone!

For those of you who don’t know, students used to be able to buy single parking passes that lasted for a day and cost $1.

Students at East Forsyth are upset that the school stopped selling day passes, and most agree that day passes should be brought back.

Ms. Shropshire, the school administrator who sold the day passes, had this to say when asked why they were taken away: “What ended up happening was, kids that actually had a day pass would come in and tell us they needed a day pass and were giving them to kids who had not purchased a parking pass.”

Students like Payton Kerr (’17) understand this, but still aren’t happy with this new rule. “I’m kinda upset because I drive a 1971 Volkswagon Beetle and it might be in the shop sometimes. I understand why they aren’t selling them, but I don’t like the idea of getting a ticket,” she commented.

While it’s correct that students have the possibility of getting a ticket if they are driving a vehicle other than the one they registered, it clearly says on the East Forsyth website that those tickets can “easily be handled.” All you have to do is bring a copy of the ticket to the main office to be cleared.

Cidney Hairston (’17) shared her opinion on the topic. “I think they should have day passes back for the people that don’t have the money to pay for a full parking sticker,” she stated.

Full parking passes are not ideal for those who can’t afford to pay the entire fee upfront. Some people may only have a dollar on hand.

East Forsyth has made it clear that the only reason day passes were taken away was to keep those who park illegally, mainly Sophomores, from doing so. Juniors and Seniors are still wary about this new rule, but hopefully as the school year goes on, those feelings will fade.

For those of you who are really upset, you can always ride the bus!

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