Drivin’ Around With Women’s Golf

As this season continues to roll on for Coach Werner and his phenomenal team, the female golfers of East Forysth continue to strive to improve their average scores to be eligible for the conference, regional, and state tournaments this Ocotber. For those who don’t know the members of this wonderful team, they are Jamie O’Dell, Karlie Jackson, Schuyler Stillings, Kate Morgan, MacKenzie McFarland, Ashley Tuttle, Jess Asbill, and Joyce Zhong.

So far this season the team has only played four non-conference matches and one conference match. They hope that there season continues to improve and that they will get better as a team. Kate Morgan(’18) says that “Conference matches are about to start so we are going to play our absolute best against five other schools in our conference and will continue to improve as the season progresses.”

Coach Werner stated that “the team has struggled so far this year but the girls are coming along and are continuing to improve and expects the season to get better.” As I was talking to Coach Werner he stated that “he feels like by far the team should be recognized more because the team works and practices just as hard as any other team in the school and deserves good recognition.”

Just like any other coach out there Werner tells his team something to prepare them before every match, but Coach Werner tries not too say anything too special too them just some simple advice and criticism to help them improve their game for the match. “Play one shot at a time and just stay focused don’t get wrapped up in the scores just stay in the moment.”

You can tell the love of the game that these players have when players like Schuyler Stillings (’18) make comments like, ” I am excited for the rest of the season that is coming up and can’t wait to see what it has to bring!”

So as you can see the love of the game for Coach Werner and the team is unstoppable. If you haven’t had the time to go see one of their matches please take the time to do it the would really appreciate it!



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