The Glass Castle Hits The Silver Screen

Agee's AP English class

Lionsgate’s Entertainment has started to gain momentum on its upcoming film, which is based on the memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. All Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition classes at East were assigned to read the novel The Glass Castle over the summer.

The Glass Castle follows a young girl, Jeannette Walls, through her challenging childhood. Raised by her very unorthodox parents, Walls and her three siblings are forced to grow up early in life to help their family survive through poverty.

When asked why she chose this book to be the summer reading assignment for her class, Melissa Agee, the teacher for AP English teacher, answered that most students dislike reading over summer break, so she thought this book would keep the students more engaged and better entertained. When asked if they enjoyed the book, most students agreed that it was an all-around good read.

This movie has been in the development stage for two years, but when an Oscar winning actress joined the movie production crew, the movie began to develop more quickly. This actress is known for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series: Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence will not only star in the movie adaptation, but will be producing the movie as well.  We asked Agee if Lawrence would be a good fit for the character, and she said that if Lawrence can pull off Walls’ “quirkiness,” then she could be a good choice for the part.

I asked a couple of students around the Eagle campus about their thoughts. Michaela Bullard (‘17) said, “I thought the book was amazing and I hope the movie would be just as inspiring and eye opening!” Also when asked what part of the book she would most like to see on screen, Bullard answered, “I would want to see the part where her dad is creating an image of the glass castle, to be able to see what the structure looks like in his imagination would be phenomenal.”

Another East Forsyth student Paige Watts (‘17) also really enjoyed reading the book. Her favorite character from the novel is Lori, Walls’ older sister. Watts also said, “I want to see the mother on screen because she was so eccentric and thought different than most people.” At the end of Watts’ interview she recommended for students to read the book and go see the movie “if it ever is made and released!”

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