Eagle Siblings Leaving The Nest For College

courtesy of Blythe Mudgett and Claire Hughes

courtesy of Blythe Mudgett and Claire Hughes

Eagles always have to leave the nest eventually, but sometimes they leave behind younger Eagle siblings. Some of these students have big shoes to fill in similar clubs, sports, or activities where their siblings thrived, but many decide to take totally different paths than their siblings. Some miss having their siblings around, and others were glad to see them go. Either way, life will be different with a sibling gone off to college or work!

Nicole Vlahos’ (’18) sister left to attend High Point University. Vlahos said, “Yes, I miss my sister. [I miss] being able to go to her for anything and everything, and having her to talk to.” She also mentioned that it does help that her sister is closer than some other siblings. And when asked if she was happy to see her sister go, Vlahos responded, “I am happy to see her succeed, but home isn’t the same without her.”

Claire Hughes (’17) said, “Knowing that they are moving on to bigger and better things is exciting, but it was also sad having them go and be on their own.” When asked how it feels to not have them around Hughes answered, “I expected it to be weird without her but it turned out to not be too bad. There are times when I do miss her, more than others, and it sucks because I know she isn’t here for me to talk to.” Hughes’ sister is now attending Meredith College.

Blythe Mudgett (’17) told me it is really hard having a sibling head off to college. “Saying goodbye to someone you grew up with is so hard, but it makes you appreciate the bond you share so much more.” Mudgett’s sister is now a 49er at UNC Charlotte.

It can be difficult to say goodbye to graduating students, but it makes it a little easier knowing they’re leaving behind another generation of Eagles!

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