Homecoming 2015: Sentiment, Surprises & Suspense


The leaves are changing, the air is growing cooler, and fall has arrived, but nothing quite says fall like homecoming. Homecoming means fabulous dresses, explosive football, and memories to last a life-time.

Despite the on-again, off-again rain showers, this year’s homecoming game still continued full of bleachers dotted with umbrellas and roaring fans.

The football game started off with four players from East meeting Page’s four players in the middle of the field while holding the jersey 74, as several students held a banner in memory of Riley Hawthorn LaRue.

East kicked off the ball and made a touchdown in the first few minutes of the first quarter. Mckenzie Hutchins (’18) is a East Forsyth High student who attended homecoming. “This was my first homecoming game and I really liked it! I really enjoyed the game itself, it was a really close game, but honestly I just loved being there and hanging out with my friends. But my highlight had to be those final minutes of the game and when East took the lead. You could just feel the excitement and anxious rush in the crowd.”

Half-time began and although everyone was anxious to see how the final play would pan out, they weren’t nearly as anxious as our homecoming contestants who all stood in a line waiting to hear their name being called.

After all the ladies and their dates had been announced to stand on the field, the queen was finally crowned. Kelly Reid (’16) is this year’s East Forsyth Homecoming Queen. “As you could probably tell from my pictures, I was absolutely stunned. I couldn’t believe I had won; it was incredibly surreal,” Reid says, “I’ve always been apart of homecoming, whether it’s been helping out on the homecoming committee, or just overall participating in its events, I’ve always enjoyed homecoming. I’ve come to love how homecoming just brings people together and how girls can dress up and feel like a princess for a night.”

Of course for every homecoming event, there’s an organization running behind-the-scenes. Ms. Wiles, club advisor  of Freshmen Deans and Model UN, said, “I love homecoming, but what I enjoy most about it is seeing how every year everyone becomes more and more involved in it. This year though, there were several different spirit days, and the lunch-time games were different, as well as enjoyable.”

In the end, East came back around and won the game 31-30, leaving them as the undefeated champs of our district’s football league. What a way to end homecoming!

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