Uneven Lunches!


Students loves lunch because they can get with their friends and hang out. But do they have enough time to enjoy it or do they feel rushed? Several students at East Forsyth had something to say about lunch time this year.

Lunch has been a little controversial because certain kids don’t feel as though they have enough time to eat and enjoy lunch during the amount of time we have already scheduled, while others think that the lunch times given are fine. Shaniah King (’18) stated that “lunch feels rushed…I think we should get ten more minutes added to lunch.”

Elijah Ebrahim (’17) stated that he does not think that he has enough time to eat at lunch. “I would add about fifteen to twenty more minutes,” he said.

Dakota Young (’18) has a different view about lunch, saying “I think it’s a reasonable amount of time given.”But, he does agree that “we should have about thirty to thirty-five minutes for lunch.”

Everyone enjoys lunch, but we just need a little more time than what’s been given to us. That’s all we are asking for!


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