Wimbledon In Training

Stop all of the racket! It’s finally here! The women’s tennis team is back in action and is already improving from the dip they had last year. Already surpassing the amount of wins they had last season, they’ve improved greatly and they are not to be taken lightly this year.

The rules of tennis are much more simpler than one might think. In a best of nine format, whichever team wins five or more matches, wins the game. If a team has less than nine players present, they will let every single player play and see who wins the most matches.

The team has stomped on Walkertown twice already and has picked up a clutch win against North Forsyth. Many more wins are sure to come with their upcoming schedule.

Mrs. Cook, the coach of the EFHS tennis team said, “I enjoy coaching tennis because you always have an opportunity to get better and it’s all up to you whether you get better or not.” Alex Mock (’17) said, “I like playing tennis because it’s a great stress reliever and I get to spend time with all of my friends.”

Cook’s goals for this season were clear. She wants everyone to improve on her game with effort, and winning will come shortly after. Yannell Serrano (’18) has different goals as she just wants to improve her skills in preparation of a possible championship.

We hope to find that the Women’s Tennis Team at East will continue to find more success.

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