The Do’s And Don’ts Of Freshman Year



Freshman year, a time of broadening your horizons and starting the journey of finding yourself. It’s also a time of embarrassment and pure awkwardness.

There are a certain amount of rules, here at East, that are not written in the student guide handbook. The majority of them you learn immediately, others take the entire year to fully understand. These do’s and don’ts will help you survive your 9th grade year. Good luck!

Do be apart of school, join a club or find a sport! It looks good on your transcript and helps you find new friends.

Don’t miss all of the football games. Even if you aren’t a sports fan and would much rather spend your Friday nights binge eating and watching Netflix till 3 a.m, the games are always fun and create a ton of memories.

Do study and get your school work done. You’ve probably heard this more than you’d like, but it’s true. Just because you’re a freshman doesn’t mean your grades don’t matter. This is high school, not middle school!

Don’t skip your classes. An anonymous source said, “Take it from me, skipping isn’t worth it. Stay in class and study. You’ll thank me later.”

Do express yourself. Whether that’s joining an extracurricular activity or just showing it in everyday life. That’s the beauty of high school, you can express yourself however you want.

Don’t stop in the middle of the walkway/hallway, it’s rude and annoying. Unless you enjoy upperclassmen sending you lethal glares and calling you a few unkind names, you should probably keep walking. No matter how much you want to stop and talk to your friends.

Do keep a few things to yourself. Caroline Inscho (’19) said, “I enjoy East a lot, I meet new types of people everyday. But if there is one thing I’ve learned while at East it’s snitching isn’t something people here are too keen on.”

Don’t believe in Freshman Friday. Madisyn Benfield (’18) said, “There have been very few occurrences in the past of Freshmen Friday. Calm down, you’re not going to be thrown in a trash can…if you aren’t too obnoxious.”

Follow these key notes and trust me, you’ll be fine. Relax, study, and have fun; make your freshman year a great one.


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