In Memory Of Riley LaRue


On September 19, East Forsyth Eagle Alumni, Riley LaRue, flew home to be with his fellow eagles. LaRue was a member of the Class of 2014. LaRue played basketball and supported other East Forsyth sports, always in the student section at Friday night football games and at soccer games.

This tragedy has hit the eagle family rather hard, along with the passing of another former eagle, Robert “Bobby” Furmage from the Class of 2005. Furmage also played basketball and football when he came to East Forsyth.

“Riley was a coach’s dream,” said Mike Muse, coach of the varsity basketball team. “He was very supportive of all his team members, all of his friends, and just overall a great person to be around.” LaRue has been described by many people as a very colorful person. He would do everything he could to liven up basketball practice, everything from wearing tye-dye socks to grabbing a wrestling uniform and having a WWE wrestling match with his friends before practice.

LaRue’s passing has had a hard impact on Muse. While talking to WFMY News 2, Muse had to fight back tears as he remembered LaRue’s East Forsyth career. As mentioned, LaRue played varsity basketball. LaRue also did very well in his classes and was very supportive towards his friends. He had a lasting impact on the eagle’s nest, much like every eagle does.

Every last student and staff member at East Forsyth has a large impact on the student body, no matter what he or she does. Whether you play football or play golf, play in band or train in JROTC, a member of a club or not, you are an eagle. Every eagle has nest full of brothers and sisters. Everyone at East Forsyth is special, no matter what you think. We wouldn’t be one of the largest student bodies in the county if it weren’t for the students.

Rest in Peace Riley LaRue. You will be truly missed.

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