A Tribute to Our Military From Chorus

IMG_1858Whether you’re good at sports, drawing, or academics, everyone enjoys listening to good music! So, if you want to hear some exciting live music, come out to the East Chorus Concert on Tuesday, October 6th!

After talking with Mr. Brady, the school’s chorus teacher, about this concert, I’m certain that you have to check it out! The concert’s theme is patriotism, and the music selection will be saluting each branch of the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Some of the songs the chorus groups will perform include “Imagine” by John Legend, “Please Mr. Postman” by Seize the Day, and “Battle Hymn of Republic.” Mr. Brady said he is “putting his own twist on ‘Please Mr. Postman’ by changing some of the words around, so that they fit better to the patriotic theme of the concert.” Brady also hopes everyone in the audience will be singing along with “Battle Hymn of Republic.” So if you’re going, start learning the lyrics and join in when it’s performed!

Getting up on stage and singing is pretty challenging in front of several people, let alone a whole crowd. So how do you get over the nervousness that stage freight can cause? Billy Jones (’16) let out his secret of getting over any sort of stage freight. Jones said, “I looked and saw a dark crowd of people, so [I thought that] no one was there.”

There have to be highs and lows in chorus (besides the notes of course)! Mr. Brady said that they best thing about chorus is that there is “never a dull moment. It’s always a challenge.”

If you’re feeling patriotic, come check out this concert on which East students have worked extremely hard, or if you enjoy singing, consider signing up next year for chorus, Madrigals, or Caprice! Just enjoy it and make sure to hit every note!

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