Welcome Our New Principal, Mr. Bass

Courtesy of wsfcs.k12.nc.us

Along with all of the other new teachers, East Forsyth has welcomed Principal Rodney Bass to the Eagle’s Nest!

Bass has had a long career of teaching and administrating. He started as a history teacher, but went back to Appalachian State University to get his Masters degree in Administration.

Bass mentioned that Coach Muse and Ms. Duggins went through the same program with him.

Bass actually worked at East Forsyth from 2002 to 2005 as an Assistant Principal. “Ms. Gainey got the job here at East and I knew she had an opening, so she and I talked and I came here to East,” Bass said about his earlier career at East Forsyth.

The teachers remember Bass from his years as an Assistant Principal here at East and are glad that he is back. “I always found him to be very personable and you always knew where he stood on things. He was generally very well-liked,” Ms. Lawrence said when asked about her impression of Bass.

Some students have been a little worried that Bass would change many of our rules and traditions that make East so unique. Most teachers and students, though, agree that he most likely won’t make any significant changes. “I don’t think he’ll change any traditions. I think Mr. Bass really appreciates the traditions that have been at East Forsyth over the years,” Lawrence stated.

Students are also wondering if Bass will live up to Ms. Gainey. Cassie Beddick (’18) said, “Ms. Gainey was a really good principal because she went to all of the sporting events, even if they were all on the same day. She always seemed to be everywhere!”

Bass had an illustrious career, teaching and administrating at many different schools in the area over the last 20 years or so. Those schools include Parkland, North Rowan, Atkins, and North Forsyth High School.

Bass will be a great addition to the East Forsyth family! “[I’m] glad to be back!” Bass said when talking about East. Next time you see him, give him a high five and welcome him to the Nest!

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