New Coach, New Start For Field Hockey

The 2015 Lady Eagle’s Field Hockey team is off to a start! The team is stacked with many new players, and most importantly, a new head coach. Coach Keyes, a teacher here at East, has stepped up to the plate and has taken the position. So far, the new coach has benefited the team a lot!

Coach Keyes is a former cross country coach, and is also a women’s lacrosse coach. She hasn’t had much experience with field hockey, but she is slowly transitioning! “I love coaching it honestly. It’s so interesting learning this sport, and I’m very lucky to have my assistant coaches to help me as I learn.”

A lot of players really like having a coach on campus, which wasn’t the case last year. When asked, Maddy Shelor (’18) said, “I like having a coach on campus because information is a lot easier to get. I feel like I can just go to her room and I will have it instantly, instead of waiting on texts.”

Kelly Weidner (’18) also said, “Having a coach on campus is such a great thing. I feel like I have someone I can go to whenever I need information, or just someone to talk to.”

From a captain’s perspective, Jacklyn Scirica (’16) said, “This year is just so different! I feel like the team bonds more. It’s so much more of a supportive environment, and the coach is so easy to get in touch with! Honestly, I feel like she brings our team together more because she is younger and can relate to us.”

Although the team is off to a slow start, they are going to keep fighting to try to bring home a winning record! Catch the Eagles in action at their next home game!

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