US Airways To Make Final Flight

It will be the end of an era on October 16, when the final US Airways flight is scheduled to depart from San Francisco en route to Philadelphia.  It will signify the completion of the merger with American Airlines.

The airline says that Flight 1939, routed Philadelphia-Charlotte-Phoenix-San Francisco-Philadelphia, will be the ceremonial “farewell flight” to US Airways.  The flight number 1939 was chosen because that was the year in which All American Aviation, later Allegheny Airlines, began operating.

There is no doubt that the airline industry will change because of the merger.  Mrs. Hayes, a Principles of Business teacher, thinks that the customer base and profits will both increase as a result.  She also thinks that fares will become somewhat more expensive.

German teacher Mrs. Monroe, who flies three or four times per year, wasn’t sure how the merger might affect American airlines, but says that American airlines aren’t as punctual as European airlines such as Lufthansa.  She also says that European airlines are more efficient, but also more expensive. “I guess you get what you pay for.”

Gaby Vasconcelos (’17) flies less often than Mrs. Monroe, but she doesn’t disagree with her points.  She says, “it’s all the same to me.”  However, she did say she thought the merger would make the new American Airlines better.

American Airlines and US Airways announced their merger on February 14, 2013.  The two holding companies had merged by the end of the year and the airlines themselves have been slowly integrating, according to CEO Doug Parker, a process used to avoid catastrophes that other airlines have experienced.

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