NHL Rookie Expectations

Courtesy of NHL.com

Courtesy of NHL.com

Rookie, a word that shouts out to all fans and teams that are looking for a change in their lineup and their team. People pay attention to rookies’ college careers, how early they went in the draft, and whether they will play in their overall career. So who will be the next big thing?

Many people will look at the top five picks in the draft and automatically think that they are going to be stars, and most likely, they will be. The real question though, is which stars are going to be from the lower picks? While other big players are hidden, watching from the sidelines, but will still be great one day.

Connor McDavid is a name swarming around the National Hockey League. This 6’1” 195lb first pick was drafted to the Edmonton Oilers first overall, showing that the NHL has huge expectations for him to turn their team around. McDavid is an 18 year old, left handed Centre from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Being picked first overall is like a walk in the park for people like McDavid. Not only was he picked first overall in the 2015 NHL draft, but also first overall in the 2012 OHL (Ontario Hockey League) Priority Selection Draft to the Erie Otters. McDavid at only 18-years old, currently has already begun a legacy that many people would take their whole lives to create. From being drafted first-overall two times, to also being named 2011-12 Player of the Year for the Greater Toronto Hockey League, he was named by Hockey Canada, as having an “Exceptional Player” status. Fortunately for McDavid, this allowed him to play in the OHL. So as McDavid’s already historic legacy continues, the question is, what other players are going to rise to the top and soon be among the greats?

Obviously there are going to be high expectations for players, like the number two pick Jack Eichel and the third, fourth and fifth picks: Dylan Strome, Mitchell Marner and Noah Hanifin, but the players who will have to work the hardest to get their names in the headlines are the lower picks. Yes, maybe, many people stayed tuned to watch the second round, but for the third through seventh rounders, they will have to work hard for people to hear their names. Just like they had to wait around for the longest time to hear their name called in the draft, who knows what their future will bring for them.


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