New Year, New Teachers

A new school year begins and there are several new teachers here at East Forsyth. Let’s give a warm, Eagle welcome to Mr. Dull, Mrs. Koesters, and Mr. Smith!

First, we introduce Mr. Dull. He teaches Math 3 and Foundations of Math 2. When asked how he liked East Forsyth High School and how the school has treated him, he responded, “East is just as enjoyable as a teacher, as it was as a student. All the staff and administration has treated me well so far.” Well, we are glad to hear that. Mr. Dull stated, “Teaching at East is something that I wanted to do since I graduated college. The teachers I had here, like Mrs. Branoff, Mr. Sapp, Mrs. Smith, and Coach Pegram, and my mom are who made me want to return.” Mr. Dull has been a teacher for seven years now.


Mrs. Koesters is also a math teacher, teaching Math 2 and Math 3. She said, “East is a great place to be. East has made my transition very smooth because everyone is very helpful.” When asked what inspired her to bring her teaching skills to East Forsyth, she stated, “My husband, [Mr. Koesters], is a math teacher at East and we have always wanted to teach at the same school.” She also commented, “The school spirit is my favorite thing!” Mrs. Koesters has been teaching for over 20 years. The last 9 years at Mount Tabor, teaching Geometry, Math 2, and Math 3.


Last but not least, I introduce Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith teaches World History/American History 2. He loved talking about his experience at East Forsyth High School so far. “I have loved my short time at East. Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful as I’ve adjusted to a new school and new procedures.” Mr. Smith is from Davie County, so he grew up locally and has always known the great history at East. “That’s handy when you teach history.” When asked to comment on his favorite thing about East that sets us apart from other schools, he stated, “I’ve really enjoyed working with my Social Studies department. Also seeing the great student section on Friday nights.” Mr. Smith previously taught at Jay Robinson (Concord), Davie High, Northeast Guilford, and Bartlett Yancey.

Being a new teacher has “always been hard…learning a whole crop of new students, teachers, and policies,” stated Mr. Smith.

These new Eagles have had their struggles and worries, just as much as the students have had about starting a new school year. But I am overwhelmed to hear they have had an open, polite welcoming. Keep up the good reputation, Eagles!

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