Fall Inspirations For 2015

Fall Photo

Courtesy of Hayley Ellis

Grab your hoodies, footballs, and lattes because autumn is finally here! Halloween’s around the corner and the leaves are hitting the ground, so it’s time to figure out how East Forsyth High will take on the new season.

Cameron Queen (’16) says that his favorite part of autumn is “watching the leaves change colors.” Other students like Abria Wilson (’16) says, “My favorite part of fall is the clothing, like being able to wear hoodies, jeans, and boots. Oh and football season!”

Many of the students here at East will agree that they enjoy going to the football games every Friday night during fall, home or away! Dressing up for Friday nights is a major school tradition, cold or not. Cold weather doesn’t stop these Eagle fans!

Halloween is also another major part of the season that seems to be a timeless favorite. Whether it is going out with friends, dressing up, going to parties, or even watching horror movies all throughout the spook-filled night, it should be a time full of scares, candy, and creepy crawlers. Mr. McMulkin says, “I enjoy going trick or treating with my kids during Halloween.”

As we approach closer to the middle of fall, the weather is getting colder. Is it really a bad thing though? It just means that pumpkin spice lattes are back with even more pumpkin in it than last year!

Fall isn’t just about getting your spook on for Halloween, or getting bundled up for the weather, what about Turkey Day? It’s the time to sit around the table and eat some turkey and be thankful for all that you’ve received while enjoying time with family!

To simplify the fall, you need just a couple of things: a warm hoodie and some boots, tickets to the Friday night games, a warm pumpkin spice latte, and some Halloween spirit!

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