You Have Been Promoted!

Courtesy of Kenzie Greenly

Courtesy of Kenzie Greenly

No, we are not talking about Call of Duty or Battlefield. We are talking about the East Forsyth Iron Eagle Battalion. On September 3rd, LTC Walter McCormick and MSG Dale Hissim, the instructors for the East Forsyth Army JROTC program, promoted their key leadership for the 2015-2016 school year.

Every year, a few cadets are selected to take on specific jobs the battalion needs done in order to function in the fourth brigade. These jobs stretch from keeping up with cadet records and awards to simply being in charge of a platoon. In order to show authority and position, each cadet must be promoted to their respective ranks. These ranks include Cadet Major, Cadet Captain, Cadet 1st Lieutenant, Cadet First Sergeant, and Cadet Sergeant First Class.

LTC Walter McCormick, senior instructor of the East Forsyth JROTC program, said, “Every one of these cadets has worked hard these past two or three years.” Each cadet that was promoted this year has shown his or her potential in other leadership positions throughout their high school career. MSG Dale Hissim said, “My primary goal for the staff this year is to be more involved in the JROTC Program Accreditation process.” The JROTC Program Accreditation, or JPA for short, is the annual inspection that took over the Annual Formal Inspection, or AFI, last year.

“I truly trust this year’s staff to get the job done and get it done fast” said Ed Butsch (’16), the Battalion Commander. “They have shown great dedication in their JROTC careers and deserve their positions.”

The members of this year’s staff are Sarah Marchand, Executive Officer; Sydney Pinto, Adjutant; Yeltsin Romero, Security Officer; David Lilley, Training and Operations Officer; David Griffin, Logistics Officer; Erick Messer, Public Affairs Officer; Cedric Boston, Projects Officer; Matthew Lehrschall, Alpha Company Commander; Brandon Southard, Bravo Company Commander; and Randy Townsend, Charlie Company Commander.

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