Football Is Finding Out What “IT” Is

Courtesy of ______

Courtesy of ______

Every time the East Forsyth Football Team has a home game, the players walk across the stands to get the crowd rowdy.  Just before the team starts to walk, you can hear a recording from coach Willert.  In the recording, he challenges the players to find their “it” and play for “it” in the game.  This has been the new mindset of the players and “it” has contributed to a successful start to the season.

Defensive lineman Sirod Cooke (’17) says his “it” is his family. “They give me the motivation every Friday night to play for them,” says Cooke.  “When I look into the stands and see my mom and dad cheering me on, I work hard to make them proud.”

The 2014 football season was a great one.  The Eagles only lost one regular season game and were the conference champions. The motto of last season was “building brick by brick.”  Coach Willert wanted to start from the bottom with a great foundation and then work upward. This year, the Eagle’s already have a great foundation of players. The new mindset is designed to motivate the players and make them realize they are playing for a greater cause, whether they know it or not.

The new mindset seems to be working, and the proof is in the Eagles’ record. The football team came roaring at the beginning of the season starting with five wins and zero losses. Included in these wins were great opponents such as Reagan, and great games such as the West game where the Eagles only won by three!

Former football player and senior Dylan Rasmussen said, “It’s a joy coming to the games. I know firsthand what kind of hard work these players put in, and how great it is when the work pays off. I hope the team keeps playing with this new-found motivation.”

Senior Offensive lineman as well as team captain, Caleb Main, “loves” the new mindset of the team. “The change in many of our players’ work ethic is evident and very beneficial. Although we have many different ‘its’ that motivate us, we are still all unified together in the same goal of winning.” Caleb described that his “it” is his family just like Cooke’s, but also his future as well. “I work hard now so that in the future I can have the ability to play football in college and get a cheaper education.”

If you haven’t been to an East Forsyth football game yet, I highly suggest taking the time to go.  The way the team is playing right now is special and reflects the real reasons people should play sports.



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