Exam Exemptions For Everyone!


There are many new changes at East this year! Every year we have new students, but now there is also a new grading scale, a new principal, and for the first time ever… all students have exemptions on exams!

Before this year, exemptions were only for seniors who made passing grades and good attendance, but these rules now apply to everyone at East!  Just like previous years though, the exam has to be teacher-made. Students can only be absent five days with an A, three days with a B, or zero days with a C in order to be exempt.

Wesley Porter (‘16) said, “It’s good that everyone can now be exempt.” He admitted though that he wishes he could have had exemptions as a freshman and all of his years at East. Porter also thinks that it is “an incentive to go to class”.

Students enjoy not having to take exams. Exam week is a transition between first and second semester, and students can use this time to prepare for their new classes. Some students may not be good test takers, and now their grade will no longer have to depend on a test, in some cases.

Ms. Ross said, “I don’t mind [as long as] students know the material in my class.” Ms. Ross teaches Spanish and she makes her own exams. She hopes that students will use this as an incentive to go to class. Ms. Ross has traveled abroad to Spanish-speaking countries and it is obvious that she has a passion for Spanish. She just wants her students to understand and be able to communicate with Spanish speakers.

Speaking about the new exemption rules, Heather Lineberry (‘18) said, “I love them!” Lineberry has a record of good grades and attendance, and she hopes to keep that up. She will now be rewarded with not having to take an exam on topics that she already knows well.

Not many people are opposed to exam exemptions. Exemptions give students a real incentive to learn material and to come to class. This makes class content stick in their minds, rather than preparing for a test and forgetting the material soon afterward. Good luck to all students in the classroom this school year!

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