Club Spotlight: Environmental Club

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” -Albert Einstein

East Forysth is about to have a brand new club introduced on campus! Environmental Club is coming soon, and everyone better get ready! The Talon had the amazing privilege of being able to get an inside scoop about all the details of this new inspirational club.

Environmental  Club will focus on bringing awareness of environmental issues to the student body and the rest of the Kernersville Community. They plan to reach out to the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce and to local government organizations, such as the EPA, to achieve their goal of making everyone more environmentally aware.

Environmental Club will also be offering unique opportunities, such as community service options and many college-resume building actives. This club is offering different meeting times during the week so that everyone has a chance of being able to attend, even if you are involved in sports or other after school activities.

Mr. Jasso, the club adviser, plans to set up tables during lunch with information about what is going on locally with our environment and how everyone can help. Jordan Nievinski (’16), a leader of this club, said that all the leaders are working hard to help get this club involved in outreach programs, which can help the club become a more prominent part of our community.

When Mr. Jasso was asked about when East students could start signing up, he said,”Everyone should listen to the announcements for upcoming Environmental Club news, and we should be getting started around the beginning of October.” So Eagles, make sure to get excited about the environment because this club will start filling up fast!


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