Women’s 2015 World Cup

courtesy of soccerwire.com

courtesy of soccerwire.com

On June 6, 2015 while East Forsyth seniors will be graduating the rest of the world will be huddled around the TV to watch the highly anticipated 2015 women’s world cup in Canada.

Although women’s soccer in the U.S. is not as popular as men’s soccer or football, it has been rising in popularity. The world cup is an event that comes around once every four years. During the world cup soccer teams from around the world compete with the goal of making it to the championship and winning it all.

The U.S women’s national team is extremely talented and is expected to make it far in the World Cup and possibly come home as the best women’s soccer team in the world.

Four years ago the U.S. team fought hard and beat talented teams like Brazil to make it to the championship game against Japan. At the end of regulation time the game was tied 2-2. When regulation time ends in a tie the teams then continue to two 15 minute overtimes and if it is still tied the game goes to Penalty kicks. U.S.A and Japan went into PK’s to determine who would be the 2011 world cup champions. In the penalty kick shootout Japan won 3-1, becoming the next world cup champions.

This year the U.S. team is back with a vengeance and better than ever. The last time the U.S. women claimed a world cup title was in 1999 but the team is determined to bring home the 2015 title.

However it will not be an easy journey for the women’s national team. They are in group D, which has been nicknamed the group of Death. To get through the group rounds the U.S. team will have to play well against the challenging teams Australia, Sweden, and Nigeria.

Tune in June 6th for the first game of the World Cup between Canada and China and again on June 8th for the first U.S. game against Australia!

This year the event will last from June 6th to July 5th and will result in one team beating all odds to become the world champions.

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