The Number One Pick Is…..

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The number one pick in this draft was, as predicted, Jameis Winston. This does not come to a surprise to anyone he only lost one game his entire career at Florida State.

The talk of the draft was not the number one pick it was what the Tennessee Titans were going to do with the number two pick in the draft. They could’ve traded but they took the expected route and picked Marcus Mariota out of Oregon.

Winston and Mariota were the obvious number one and two picks in this draft. Both Quarterbacks have won a Heisman trophy, Winston his freshman year and Mariota last season, and both quarterbacks show that they are ready to be in the NFL.

This draft was not as exciting as last year’s trade wise, but some exciting picks were made. The Carolina Panthers picked at twenty-fifth and they chose an outside linebacker from Washington Shaq Thompson. This pick came in as a shock most experts and fans alike thought the Panthers would pick a wide receiver or an offensive lineman.

Shaq Thompson was rated as a second round draft pick by many experts. The Panthers must have seen something in him.
In more local news The Houston Texans picked at number sixteen and they chose former cornerback from Wake Forest Kevin Johnson. Johnson was a fifth year senior at Wake forest and he was a big play maker when he was.

This draft did see some new things. For the first time since 1963 the draft was held in Chicago Illinois at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University. The draft has been held in New York since 1965 and this year it was moved to Chicago due to Radio City Music Hall being booked for April and May. This draft also saw a break in draft habit. A running back was selected in the first round for the first time since Trent Richardson was selected by the Cleveland Browns in 2012. The running back was Todd Gurley out of Georgia. He was selected by the Saint Louis Rams at number ten.

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