Seniors Get Your (Water) Guns!


Seniors having been waiting to play this epic game since the year began! Seniors Sarah Kincaid (‘15) and Rachel Giddings (‘15) are in charge of this year Senior Assassin’s! The game started April 6th, 2015 and there are 106 people participating in the game.

Before everyone found out their targets, Kincaid and Giddings sat down and using three different spreadsheets to organize names. It was created and then randomized by Google Documents. The winner of this year Senior Assassins gets $650 and then the person with the most kills gets $50

There has been some rule changing this year and conflicts. As the leaders, Kincaid and Giddings both try and listen to the players because with 106 people playing, they hear a lot of feedback, some good and some bad. They take every player thoughts into consideration. “At the end of the day its senior assassins, hence the word seniors so we want to make sure that (most) seniors are happy” said Kincaid.

Chase Cockerham, (’15) current senior at EFHS, was playing and having the same intensity as every other player. Cockerham believed he would’ve won the game but so does every other senior playing. He got out the 2nd day of senior assassins. He was getting out of the car coming back from Forsyth Tech with Jenna Jones, and as soon as he stepped out of the car Samantha Gaddy shot him. “It really is a cool way to bring together the senior class of 2015” he stated.

Justin Schmidt (’15) another senior that is playing is still in the game and getting a run for his money. The person that he is going after knows that he is coming for them, but doesn’t know when he’s going to make the big move.Schmidt is determined he could win but you never know what can happen and who you can trust during the game. “No one can be trusted during Senior Assassins,” he exclaimed. When you play your senior year, be sure not to tell anyone who your target is!


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