Elite Eagles: Soaring To Honor

Spanish Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society Seniors

If you are passionate about a certain subject and want to become more involved, an East Forsyth honor society is for you. Over the years, East Forsyth has acquired an Art, English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, and National Honor Society.

The honor societies are a little different than the clubs at East, in the sense that you can’t just join out of interest. You first have to apply and meet all the criteria, get teacher recommendations, and then teachers will review your applications and decide whether or not you are to be inducted.

Each Honor Society differs in the activities they do based on the subject. For example, the Math, or also known as Mu Alpha Theta, and Spanish Honor Societies offer tutoring to other students who need help in that subject. Ms. Johnson, one of the teacher that heads up the Spanish Honor Society, said, “Students interested in Spanish should join the Society because it is an opportunity to speak Spanish outside of the normal classroom setting and gives you a chance to grow more in the language. Not only do we offer tutoring two times a week, but we also provide Christmas for needy families during the holidays and on occasion go out as a group to dinner at Don Juan’s. We have a lot of fun and enjoy getting the opportunity to give back to the community.”

The Social Studies Honor Society holds a meeting every once in a while to play trivia, and last year, they also did some work with the Kernersville Museum. The National Honor Society is not subject based, but requires you to complete community service and keep a 3.2 GPA, have no school debt, and be a part of It’s My Call. It is also how you are able to wear the gold tassel and band at graduation.

The Social Studies Honor Society is still fairly new to East, but Kristen Tang (’15), a senior at East Forsyth and vice president of the Social Studies Honor Society said, “The senior officers are leaving behind some big and exciting plans for the members of the society to hopefully carry out next year.” Tang also mentioned that they are planning on taking field trips including one to the state’s capital, and also had the idea to go and see historical films as they come out in theaters as a group. “The society was unable to take a field trip this year because time constraints,” added Tang.

Not only is it great to be more involved in your favorite subjects, but being a part of an Honor Society will look great on college applications in the future. It is an excellent way to meet new people who are passionate about the same subjects as you are and gives you a chance to participate in activities outside the classroom.

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