Eagles Rally Together To Beat Cancer



Coming up on June 5th, East Forsyth will be giving back to the community and hosting a Relay For Life event down at the football stadium. The fundraiser will be a five-hour celebration filled with walking around the track, bouncy houses, great food and most importantly, recognition to those fighting the long battle against cancer.

The Relay For Life isn’t just the average charity. The program helps raise money for the American Cancer Society and gives cancer patients any assistance needed during the treatment process, whether it is financially, medically, or just for the common support needed during the trying times of chemotherapy.

Mrs. Brandis has strong connections to the charity organization. As a cancer survivor herself, she has witnessed firsthand how important support is during treatment. Although she recently backed down from her leadership position with the East Forsyth team, she is still an avid supporter of the school’s team and wants to see our students come out and band together to support those struggling against the devastating disease.

Two of the teachers leading the festivities are Mrs. Valdes and Ms. Everhart. Already, they have started raising money for the event and have a goal in mind for the walking fundraiser. “Our goal this year is to raise $3,000.00 before June 5th,” Mrs. Valdes informed. Students can help donate to this worthy cause by participating in the student relay walk on April 24th. By donating $1 to the Eagle’s team, students can be released 30 minutes early from 4th period so they may walk the track.

This is Ms. Everhart’s first year volunteering with the Relay For Life organization and she couldn’t be more excited to see the amazing results that will come from the June fundraiser. “EFHS isn’t just a school,” she said, “We rally together with our community to support issues we face every day.” Ms. Everhart strongly supports the work that the American Cancer Society does because it helps cancer patients feel good about themselves, even during such hard trials. She hopes to see students participate in this event and help raise awareness of the great opportunity in supporting a program like the ACS.

So, if you wish to join the fight against cancer, students may join the team at relay.org under the EFHS team. Help support those as we walk one step closer to finding a cure!


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