Scholarship Stress

Courtesy of Bayley Robinson

Courtesy of Bayley Robinson

This time of the year seniors are starting to find out where they are going to college, who their roommate will be, and what they will bring with them to college. Most people forget the fact that even though the college application process is over with, seniors still are applying for scholarships, and there are so many scholarships to apply for!

Holly Shields (’15) and Marcie Moore (’15) are both seniors at EFHS. Each has reached a point in the college process where they have had to fill out multiple scholarship applications. When asked how many scholarships she applied to, Shields said, “Oh my gosh I don’t even know how many; too many.” “I’ve applied to several university specific ones. I applied to so many because I knew I wanted to attend a private school and they are so expensive,” said Moore when asked about her journey. Shields also added, “I have not been awarded any yet but I hope to hear soon! I applied to so many because I don’t want to get into student debt at such a young age.”

Essays are also a part of the process. Most scholarships require you to write an essay on a prompt they give you. Moore has written many essays to go wither her scholarships. “My Wake Forest scholarship application had nine essays alone,” said Moore. Shields said she has applied to at least ten to fifteen scholarships and each one has one to three essays. So anyone looking to apply for scholarships needs to be ready to write!

Seniors thought that college applications were stressful. Scholarship applications add even more stress on top of everything else they have going on. Moore adds, “My stress level was a ten until last month when I received my Wake Forest scholarships. Now it is a zero regarding finances,” when talking about her stress level over all. Shields said she is still at a stress level of thirteen because she still hasn’t decided what school she will be attending.

Even though seniors are in their dream schools now, scholarships come out to add a new level of stress. Hopefully, the juniors take notes now because their time is coming. There are plenty of scholarships available. The guidance office is more than willing to help you find them and apply to them. It’s better to start sooner than later!

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