The Screaming Fury 325

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At 325 feet high and speeds up to 95 mph, the Fury 325 is the tallest and fastest “giga coaster” in the world. On Saturday, March 28th, long lines of people formed at Carowinds as they were anxiously waiting to experience the opening of the new ride.

According to Carowinds, the roller coaster has three 32-passenger trains, and approximately 1,470 riders per hour. Also, the track is 6,602 feet long, and lasts about three minutes and 25 seconds. The exhilarating ride took two years to plan and about eight months to build.

The Fury 325 is not just a normal roller coaster, but rather a “giga coaster.” This type of ride is defined as a roller coaster that reaches heights between 300 and 399 feet. Roller coasters that are above 400 feet high are considered “strata coaster.”

Many students at East were lined up at the amusement park to experience the Fury 325 when it opened. One East student, Cari Ponce (’17) said, “It’s my new favorite ride at Carowinds. The line to ride it seemed to wrap all around the park.”

According to gizmag, the inspiration for the Fury 325 came from the history of the American Revolution when Charlotte, North Carolina was known as “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.” Thus, the theme of the attraction became the hornet because the ride is meant to be aggressive and simulate “the wild, daring, and spontaneous flight of the hornet.”

The popular attraction was designed by Bollinger and Mabillard (B&M), who are also the designers of other rides, such as, the Vortex in 1992, Afterburn in 1999, and The Intimidator that opened at Carowinds in 2010.

Carowinds has been a huge tourist attraction in North Carolina, and it will continue to be popular and break records when they open more giga coasters. The future is bright for Carowinds for new rides and adventures that thrill seekers dare to experience.

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