“What’s In Season?”


March 21st (the Vernal Equinox) welcomes the first day of spring. Spring is symbolic of the term “rebirth,” referring to a transition from short, wintery days to longer, warmer days. It is during this season that the earth’s axis begins to tilt more towards the sun, producing higher average temperatures. On the Vernal Equinox, we enter into a time change and we turn our clocks an hour ahead. This initiates the equal distribution of total daily hours, in which there is twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of nighttime. Most of us may wake up in the morning when it’s still dark outside, but it stays lighter outside later in the day, which is perfect for sports and other outdoor activities!

An exciting outdoor festivity that’s in season now is the annual Kernersville Spring Folly. The Spring Folly has been recognized as “Kernersville’s largest and most comprehensive music festival.” This year’s Spring Folly will be held on the first weekend of May, and will welcome many area organizations as well as provide spaces for special performances by gymnastic studios, dance studios, karate, and so much more! Don’t forget about the exhilarating rides available for all ages, the limitless options of tasty foods, a fascinating petting zoo, and local artisans selling unique and antique items.

While the majority of us cringe at the thought of extensive spring cleaning, there are plenty of ways you can organize your routine to save you time and energy. For bathrooms, Martha Stewart suggests discarding all expired cosmetic and beauty products into a sealed plastic bag to protect from the reach of children and/or animals and updating the first-aid kit to ensure all necessities are available in the kit.The kitchen and living areas will most likely be the most difficult jobs within the entire household. The best advice anyone can give though is to create a checklist and construct a well-drawn out plan that has a step-by-step layout. Don’t be afraid to ask for volunteers, such as friends and family members, to help you with this process. This way you can have the option of making this a collaborative family project that will be a major time-saver!

To sum it all up, the spring season is a time of renewal and celebration. We embrace the longer days and warmer weather and engage in various celebrations including spring break, April fool’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, Earth Day, and Cinco de Mayo. We begin to witness more animal births during the spring, more blossoming flora, and a greater abundance of vegetation. It’s time to Spring Forward!


Courtesy of <mountzionministries.co.za>

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